Different types of bus services in Melbourne

Melbourne city is well connected together with the world’s largest tram network, buses, coaches, taxi services and regional rail network. Traveling in Melbourne is never difficult for anyone. The local transportation is extremely well integrated making travel very simple for everyone. Bus network is run by many bus companies and there is a wide range of frequencies and bus types offered by each of these. Listed below are the different bus services and how they can be useful to you when you plan your visit to Melbourne city:

Melbourne Visitor Shuttle – As the name suggests, this bus shuttle is meant to help the tourists explore the Melbourne city. You can now explore the interior parts of the city and comfortably listen to the cities and old tales about the current and past associated incidents. The frequency of this shuttle bus is in every 30 minutes on all days and the full city trip takes almost 90 minutes. Shuttle stops in thirteen different places where you can explore the area. Visitor shuttle is economic for the visitors (tourists) with only $10 per adult ticket.

Night Network – The Melbourne Night Network bus has been introduced in 2016 itself which aims at providing a 24 hour transportation medium for the public on all 7 days of the week. This has ensured that the city is well connected at all times and is accessible on all days.

Night Bus – These are improved Night Rider bus services and the network has been made operational to work over the weekend along with the Night network buses. Frequency of these buses is every 30 minutes however only six locations have been chosen.

Smart Bus – A smart bus network has nine important routes and stations covering the Melbourne city. These buses typically rum on the orbital routes. Buses and services are maintained to ensure high quality service combined with increased frequency. Services hours have been extended and buses have been made operational late in evening and even on weekends. There is a timetable maintained for reference which has the information of bus stops, bus timings and routes that the buses will be covering.

Bluebird Airport shuttle covers a majority of stations spread across the Melbourne city along with shuttle bus from Melbourne Airport. A detailed rate card with the station names and fare charges per adult and child is available for quick reference. These shuttles can be booked well in advance as all the information and the booking services are available online as well.

Top Weekend Getaways From Singapore

Singapore is the ideal launch pad for traveling around the area, as well as, for weekend getaways. These tourist destinations can be conveniently reached within a few hours by train, bus, ferry or flight. When one has only about two to three days in the hand, why spend a lion’s portion of your time waiting unnecessarily at the various ferry terminals and airports for your transit. Moreover, you would definitely want to spend some time for sunbathing on a beach, shopping and visiting the local tourist attractions and last, but not the least savoring the local exotic cuisines. Make sure that your weekend hotel stay in Singapore is a memorable one. Here are some of the top weekend getaways for Singapore for minimal traveling and maximum enjoyment.


Bangkok is one of the most preferred shopping destinations for the residents of Singapore. Bangkok is known for its excellent shopping scene that can delight and thrill even the most cynic shoppers. Many Singaporeans simply love to visit the capital of Thailand once or twice a year for stocking up their leisure and work clothes, as well as, accessories. One must also check out some of the most stylish lifestyle items from the Thai designers who are immensely innovative and talented. Apart from shopping, Bangkok is also famous for its exotic dining options that range from delicious street food to high end delicacies.


Bali is a truly delightful weekend getaway from Singapore. The charming rice fields and the lush greenery can take your breath away for hours. Bali is known for its beautiful beaches and impressive volcanoes. There are innumerable locations for you to photograph. You should capture the splendid color displays of the sun as it sets using our camera. According to many people all over the world, the sunsets of Bali are the most romantic ones in this region.

Kuala Lumpur

KL or Kuala Lumpur is located at a convenient distance from Singapore either via roads or by air. Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and is an extremely developed and modern city in the country. It takes pride in its impressive high-rises, contemporary shopping malls, and world-class hotels with gourmet international and local cuisines. The past of the city is still reminiscent in some parts of the city.


Penang is a fusion of the best of both worlds, the West and East. The city has embraced modernity but retains its old world charm and old traditions. Well-preserved heritage edifices are a big charm of this city. George Town Has entered the list of the ‘World Cultural Heritage Site’ of UNESCO. You must explore the city’s street art. The city is also considered by many as Malaysia’s food capital. Penang also draws tourists with its scrumptious delicacies and beautiful coasts.